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On Higher Education & Infantilization

“I wish schools would take our cell phones away from us.” — Approximately 90% of my students on their #1 recommendation to improve the educational environment (in both K-12 and college). Facebook post from a Texas College instructor “Take” is … Continue reading

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Psyche & the Value of Liberal Arts Education

Author: Andy Amato, PhD The ancient Greek soul (psyche) seems to find its greatest powers in the ability to be fascinated or awed, an insatiable appetite for all things beautiful, and a habituated talent for apprehending details and vividly recounting them. … Continue reading

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Bridging the Two Cultures: Arts and humanities can learn a lot from understanding basic scientific concepts. An article by a friend of mine that really hits the nail on the head. This is worth a read; check it out.

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Changing Education Paradigms

RSA Animate of Sir Ken Robbinson’s TEDTalk “Changing Paradigms” This may be one of the most valuable accounts of the existing flaws in American pedagogy and how we can resolve some of these problems from the bottom up, if administrators … Continue reading

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