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This experiment involves signing off of all social media sites like it’s Lent and I have self control. It is Thursday of week one, and since Monday I have:

Taken zero cat pictures
Eaten five undocumented meals (two were foreign but non-violent, -criminal, or -rapey)
Charged my Fitbit
Learned how legs work
Used a bike for more than home decor
Finished a project more than three minutes before deadline
Read some books (smart ones)
Pondered how to provide a more enriching life for the cat
Picked up a smoking habit
Quit smoking (like a boss)
Wrote in a notebook with a sharpened graphite stick
Discovered hand cramps
Went to bed sober
Unfriended zero trolls
Liked some stuff off the record
Put laundry away like a motherfuckin grown up (without threat)
Tidied up without danger of imminent visitation
Lost cell phone for 24-hours before indulging a nervous breakdown
Met some millennials I did not immediately hate
Postured entitled condescension only once (while buying organic vegetables)
Read petty drama in the comments none
Seriously contemplated suicide and murder not even once

About thepoetsglass

Professor, poet, philosophical dilettante, plus some other impressively heady alliterations. Instructional designer and copywriter. Cognitive neuroscientist by night. Self-diagnosed coffee addict, sometime dancer, brooding bibliophile, and an always salty sailor.
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1 Response to #signingoff

  1. This is fan-fucking-tastic. Of course, I miss you. Coffee just isn’t the same, but no one needs SM (hmmm…initials of sado-masochism the same a social media?) for the joy of conversation.
    I look forward to reading more discoveries.

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